Russian Netting Beaded Lace Veil- Pink and Wine

Russian Netting Beaded Lace Veil- Pink and Wine


Who says veils are only for weddings and funerals?

With pink Russian netting and wine colored beaded lace appliqué, this veil is a showstopper. It can be worn traditionally covering some of your face, or can be worn in a modern way with the edge of the veil resting on the head. 

Worn away from the face, the veil plays like a delicate, ornate beanie. Beautiful for an evening out, or any day that you want to feel extra special and feminine. If you wear the veil traditionally, once on your face, the pink netting can be pushed up underneath the lace to make the netting appear shorter and cover less of your face.

This veil has two small combs on each side to aid in securing it to your hair. Bobby pins are always a veil's best friend as they are necessary for a perfect fit. Customize the look of your veil to fit your style and look that day with the help of the trusty bobby pin. 

The veil itself is approximately 15 inches long allowing for many different head sizes and hair thickness! 

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