New Year Realizations

It’s that time of year, when everyone is working towards their resolutions and goals, and hopes and dreams. Here at JDH we are working to keep our goals realistic so that our dreams can be realized. We are so excited for the coming months as they will bring new products and adventures! 

2015 The Recap:

Currently, we are working on designing and selecting fabrics for our Spring/Summer 2016 Collection which is projected to launch mid to late March. Our inaugural Fall/Winter 2015 Collection, out now, is an extension of a National Sewing Month Challenge I handed to myself. Every day, during the Month of September, I worked on a sewing project. I completed 25 projects in 30 days. 11 of those projects are headpieces available for sale in our current collection. The challenge was certainly so. Committing to working on something everyday, no matter what else you have going on, no matter how tired you are, no matter how little time you have, certainly is a challenge, and an accomplishment. Each day I was proud of myself for just completing one more day in a row. I showed myself what being pushed to my limits looks like in a productive way. In addition, I saw how much I can really accomplish in a short amount of time if, I am determined. The value of that knowledge and endurance is priceless, and has prepped me well for the challenges ahead, as I grow the JDH brand. 

2016 Growth:

1. What we will be focusing on for the Spring/Summer 2016 Collection is a strong product through-line. Our aim is for the collection to look unified. Although, as someone who loves the wild card, we will see if a couple surprises find their way in. 

2. We have also upgraded our photography equipment from the readily available, but limiting iPhone, to a DSLR camera. I was happy with the quality of our pictures considering the limitation of the device, but look forward to better quality pictures in the future. We are also super excited to explore multiple styling options for product and promotional photographs. 

3. Increasing our social media presence is also on the agenda for the 2016 year. We are focused on Instagram exclusively for now, and will be increasing our content in an effort to increase our engagement with beauties like you! 

4. Our blogging efforts will also increase, as we work to produce weekly content to keep our beauties updated about, and inspired by JDH. 

5. We have other exciting things planned for this year and next, but those will have to be shared at a later date! We look forward to sharing our growing “garden” with you over the next year. Most especially, we hope that you find a JDH bloom that gives you the confidence, and strength to make all of your dreams come true this year! 

--Nina E.

Thank you for stopping by our garden, I hope you have a beautiful blooming day!

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Nina Lavelanet-Lewnau