Day One

Well, it lools like I'm going to try blogging again! I first started blogging back in 2007, I believe, before blogging was even really a thing. Back then I had my "website" which also included a quotes page, and a trailer I made in one of my film classes. It was a personal website and the "blog" part of it was called A Day in the Life. I considered it a new way of LiveJournal-ing. --Like and comment if you know that LiveJournal is! It was fun but I did not keep up with it and let it go around 2011. Now, I'm back and have a new company! This blog will be based around Jardin D'Hiver (JDH) and everything that helps this beautiful little "garden" to grow. Oh and in case you were wondering, I'm Nina, the owner, designer, photographer, make up artist, hair stylist, marketer, etc. for JDH- at least for now!  I hope you enjoy the little snippets of my process, coming soon photos, my inspirations and sourcing adventures! 

Today, I posted my first Instagram for JDH! An exciting thing, as I absolutely love Instagram. Photography is one of my other loves, especially the editing process. So, an app devoted to pictures + filters = heart bursting. Anyway, the featured bloom in that post is the Russian Netting Beaded Lace Veil- Pink and Wine one of my favorite pieces (okay they are all my favorite) because of the color and styling options. This veil is worn really well farther back on your head kind of like a beanie, and I think that is so cool. I love using things in unconventional ways. The richness of the wine colored lace and the pop of pink makes this veil work all year long. In the picture you get to see a little part of my studio too! A couple necklaces and a purse I made can be seen on the mannequin; and those adorable little bird houses, I made with my sister for my wedding. 

--Nina E.

Thank you for stopping by our garden, I hope you have a beautiful blooming day!

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