Acoustic Days | JDH 2015 Holiday Lookbook

Sometimes I just feel like my days are a song, or perhaps a playlist. There are the happy days, the fun days, the sad days, the angry days, but most of my days are acoustic days. Throughout creating this first collection of headpieces most of the time the "Acoustic Covers" playlist on Spotify has been playing in the background.-- "Like" if you love Spotify too! Well known songs, with a twist... that sounds a lot like using things in unconventional ways-- ah consistency, gotta' love it!

When I would be working on a photography piece editing away, I would often listen to the same song on repeat until the piece was finished. If I felt like I was hitting a wall creatively, I would change the song until I found another one that felt right. Then, I would listen to that one on repeat until the piece was finished. It makes sense that for a whole collection, I would have a collection of songs for inspiration. My inspiration isn't directly linked to the lyrics. It is how I feel when listening to the songs that is translated into the pieces or in this case blooms. As I have created a "winter garden" a name that is a dichotomy of sorts, acoustic versions of non acoustic originals seems fitting as an inspiration source.

Last week, as I was listening to the "Acoustic Covers" playlist, I painted my other millinery head! I think the millinery heads are lovely ways to display headpieces. They also allow me to focus on the details of a bloom or do seasonal photo shoots on the fly-- like the JDH 2015 Holiday Lookbook. The first one I painted a lovely pale shade of lavender which can be seen in my first blog post and this new one is blue. I was going for a softer color, but that's not what the paint had in mind! So, I am considering repainting it but mixing white into the blue-- more to come on that! Purple and blue are also the colors of the organza bags your headpieces will come in when you purchase from JDH. I also have special burgundy bags that I haven't yet decided which blooms they will be used for; I am thinking the holiday and bridal blooms. See how I used my other millinery head in the JDH 2015 Holiday Lookbook out now! It was able to hang out in a little winter wonderland this past weekend!

--Nina E.

* Some of my favorite songs on the playlist include Cameron Bedell and Megan Davies singing "Earned It," William Singe singing "Shake It Off," The Cival Wars singing "Billie Jean," Marie Sioux singing "Love Song," and my absolute favorite right now, The Civil Wars "Dance Me to the End of Love."

Thank you for stopping by our garden, I hope you have a beautiful blooming day!

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